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We are a creative arts and media group conducting theatre workshops and putting on shows all over the world, publishing e-books and creating short films.

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Rule #2

No lah-dee-dah - You're not on Broadway. Listen to your fellow performers and get on with it.

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We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of projects across theatre, music, art and media platforms. Here's everything that we do...

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Professional & passionate, our compact team of experts makes us unique in every sense.

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Neil Farrelly


Actor / Producer

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Timothy Mann


Workshop Manager /

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Ben Mann

A few great institutions we've had the pleasure of working with

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N2N spend a lot of time in Asia., simply because Asia is full of countries wanting to invest in the arts. We've undertaken projects in Japan, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, China, Myanmar, Bulgaria and more.

Words From Others

  • Their dedication and passion to not only drama, but to music, dance and visual arts, can be seen in the subsequent works the student creates. If your Performing Arts department is looking for a jump-start, or if your more dedicated students would like to sharpen their artistic skills, I would highly recommend N2N for your school.

    William Ball, Qatar Academy
  • Nose2Nose is about more than drama. It's about breaking barriers, overcoming personal fears and learning to interact peacefully, looking at our differences in a positive light; and I consider it great privilege to have had the chance to participate in this extraordinary workshop.

    Istanbul International Community School
  • Exposed our students to an intense, moving and funny piece of theatre that was outside their usual experience. As fun as [SPACE] was to watch, it was even more exciting to see the students in workshops with Tim, walking through the process of developing characters and action.

    Canadian Academy, Kobe


Physical, energetic and challenging, focusing on sharing ideas and working together through improvisation, ensemble and specliast theatre styles.

We stand by our trademark "NO FAFF" policy - getting up, throwing yourself in and trying something. Our approach encourages you to trust in your voice and follow your instincts, working physically in a team and supporting your fellow performers - and we promise you'll have fun.

You know the theory. Now make it practical.

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Rule #4

Follow the idea - Never say no without trying something first.

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